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Viruses, People, Earth, and God

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My mind wanders in church this morning.

Proportions, just how big are we? How do we compare to something tiny, maybe a virus? They’re pretty small. We must be huge compared to it. Still, it has to be a proportion that is recognizable. I’ll have to look up some numbers on the internet.

Okay, so volumes:

  • Virus – .000000000000047 cubic centimeters
  • person – 66400.00 cubic centimeters

My god, we’re huge. We are 140,000,000,000,000,000 times the volume of a virus. That is 140 million billion times the size. No wonder I don’t care about an individual virus.

Proportions, just how small are we? Naturally, if my mind is heading one way, it has to turn and go the other. How do we compare to the earth? I mean, when I’m driving along for an hour I cover an immense amount of distance, but very tiny compared to the earth as a whole.

Again, volumes:

  • Person – 0.0664 cubic meters
  • Earth – 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters

My god, we are infinitesimal. The earth is 16,713,115,900,000,000,000,000 times bigger than us. I mean, really!!!? If the earth is alive, it hardly could know that one of us exists.

Now let’s see. At these sizes my math gets a little off. But that means that the earth is 11,937,940 times bigger than us compared to viruses. What? Yep, 12 million times bigger than we are to viruses. So putting the impossible into perspective, the earth noticing us would be like us noticing something that is a 12 millionth of the size of a virus. And we already determined that we are huge compared to a virus. This would be more like us being vast!

And here is where it all leads to.  The earth is not noticeable on the scale the galaxy. The sun might not even be noticeable. We are too tiny to consider.

Back to church. How does this apply? A few interesting things come to me.  I do not claim any one of them to be true.

  1. God is a human construct, has to be relatively local to even be aware of us. Maybe God is a new being that exist purely as our collective conscious?
  2. God is too small to have created the universe. If he created everything in the universe, then we would be way too small to be of any notice at all.
  3. God is far more alien than we know if it is able to care about anything on the vastly different scales of the universe as compared to humans.

A final thought (unlikely), aren’t you glad you don’t have crazy ideas like this?

One Comment

  1. Think about it. Maybe we are a single microbe in the entire universal field making up what we call God. Just like we are made of cells which make tissues, which make organs, muscles, blood, etc. All making up the universal us. Each part a living thing making up the whole. We are the single beginning, making up that we call God.

    We damage one part and it affects the whole. Same for us, we affect all around us, we can plant and grow a tree or we can kill it. We are God, we are a minute particle that makes up the whole.

    An hypothesis, but as viable as any other religious explanation of God. It is all faith that something greater than ourselves exist. Why then, can we not be a part of what is making up that greater than ourselves.

    So, Steven, some do have crazy ideas such as yours.

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