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Maiden Voyage


We wisely decided to go a very short distance and for just one night. Oak Hollow Campground fit the bill; less than 10 miles away. I went over to the storage unit, swapped the Prius for Silver Boy (SB). That’s Cata’s name for him. Who am I to argue? Driving SB is getting easier and easier, though the crashing dishes is disconcerting.

Once home I hooked up the electric. We only have 15 amps to outside. With only the air and the fridge turned on it kept blowing the circuit. So that is a quick lesson. Switching the fridge to propane solved that problem. Next, all of the things we had ordered were thrown into the RV. The guitar, mandolin, dobro, instrument holder, and a music stand were loaded into one of the exterior compartments; we are musicians after all.

When Cata got home from work, the electricity was disconnected. Before we drove off, Cata put two pillows in around the dishes in the cupboards that were crashing. That solved the noise. We drove off to the campground, less than 15 minutes.

Okay, so if you want to watch cable TV, supplied by the campground, then you need to bring a cable to connect to the service. Backing into the space wasn’t too hard. We have to be careful of the slides and awning, make sure they aren’t being blocked by trees. We located the sewer and the power. Where was the water? And how do you connect to it? Asking the neighbor helped with all of that. As soon as we had the power connected, Cata did the auto-leveling and then the slides. Then she turned on the air and switched the fridge to electric.

We spent the first couple of hours putting the things we’d purchase in the right places. We also lined the shelves with liner that keeps things from moving. This proved to solve the noise problem just as effectively as the pillows when we left the campground the next morning.

Another thing you need if you want to watch TV is batteries for the remote. We spent time making music instead. Playing music was cramped. Rotating the passenger seat was impossible. Where was the lever? So we shared a narrow couch. Still it was fun to play.

So you aren’t held in suspense….. What? You aren’t in suspense? Anyway, there is no lever. You just have to push the seat all the way forward and then rotate it. We found that out the next morning.

Our first meal in the RV was quiche, spinach/mushroom/sausage or red pepper/sausage. This was followed by some homemade mocha frozen yogurt. Well no, it wasn’t.   I’d made it that afternoon to celebrate our first night, but forgot and left it in the fridge at home. This might be a good way to go. Make the food at home and then just zap it in the microwave. It will certainly work for weekends.

The bed was a little cramped on my side. That will take some getting used to. When I first lay on it the sound of plastic crunched below me. Cata hadn’t made it yet. We had to remove the plastic. We will also get some new sheets, better than the ones we brought. The toilet is fairly cramped. It is good that we aren’t big people.

When we tried to flush the system, get rid of the black water, nothing happened? How can that be? The lever was pulled and re-pulled. The valves were opened, closed, and then reopened. Nothing. Could the brand new hose be clogged? You know, there is an inside, red cap in that hose. If you don’t remove it, nothing is going through. I didn’t even see it. Once that was taken out, we flushed that black and grey water tanks a few times.

The little things we learned too numerous to list, too tedious to detail. But even the one day away from the home was very relaxing, such a great break from the demands of day to day. Our short distance run may as well have been a trip to the mountains or to the beach. We will surely come back to Oak Hollow Campground.


  1. Go adventurers

  2. It sounds like a lot of fun. I only camped in an RV once, and that was back about 1970. The next time there were too many people there so I volunteered to sleep in the bed of a pickup truck. Not that comfy, but effective. That was about the same year.
    I’m happy that you are experimenting with things that make you and Cata happy, and I’m also happy that the musical instruments have been included along with necessities like underwear, shoes and sliced bread.
    Hope you enjoy it a bunch ~

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