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February Lake Lure Album


This was a weekend get-away for Catalina, her birthday present, though it was just as much a present for me.  It rained, lightly, most of the weekend which made for nearly perfect photo opportunities; the colors are richer, the fog and steam mysterious.  These are some of the pictures that I like from it, though we took more than 400.

We left late in the afternoon on Friday.  We didn’t know that the roads were so awful that they were nearly impassible and we were traversing them for the very first time in the dark, windshield wipers clacking.  Catalina was terrified.  I wasn’t exactly calm.  When we arrived at the cabin, Catalina threatened to never leave it, never attempt those roads again.  The next morning, in the daylight we saw what we had come over.  Some of the worst roads I have ever driven.

We did visit this cabin one more time with our nieces, Catri and Ilinca.  That was early April.  As we had hoped, flowers were in bloom.  It was beautiful.  But the roads were even more impassible.  They had put down gravel with lots of stones.  It had become rutted with stones acting like marbles on top of it all; treacherous.  So we won’t be going back again.  I hope you enjoy these pictures.  We may end up hanging a few in our house.

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