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A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire


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George R.R. Marin’s A Game of Thrones is worthy of all the attention it has garnered.  It is both broad and complex.  There are a large number of simultaneous plot lines, frequently told from the perspectives of different characters.  That is that the same plot line is advanced sequentially, but from ever changing perspectives.  Further, the plot lines are intricate.  The characters are three dimensional.  They are frequently faced with real moral dilemmas.  With few exceptions, each character’s perspectives are interesting; you are sorry when the story switches away from them.

This is medieval fantasy at its best.  There are all manners of ranks of people, all manners of conventions.  There is magic, though that is far from the centerpiece.  There are creatures.  They aren’t the focus either.  Nope, the focus is on human interactions, schemings, and machinations.

Who were my favorite characters?

  • Arya
  • Daenerys
  • Tyrion

I will be very interested to see what becomes of them.

This is a very long series.  The first book is 700 pages long.  There are four books.  I will take a break from it, but not long.  If I did, I forget many of the important details and sub-plots.  A strong 4 strars.

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