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The Year of the Gadfly


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I really didn’t much enjoy The Year of the Gadfly  by Jennifer Miller.  It came highly recommended by my eldest daughter, Meghan.  It is likely that our taste in books is ultimately different.  In this case, mine are more suspect.

The book is well written,  a coming of age story.  It is a mystery, which is probably part of my discontent.  The plot is good, though not the page turner that everyone else says it is.  I felt little empathy with any of the characters.  While I am a plot driven reader, I must have some empathy with the characters.

Jennifer Miller angled away from most of the cliches that she could have written.  I was particularly pleased with avoiding the obvious ending.  I worked my way through the first half of the book, found myself moderately pulled by the second half,  far more readable than the first.  Evil was not black and white, merely confused.   But evil is definitely present.

Meghan found this a book that she couldn’t put down.  But I can only give this a three star rating.

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