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Happy Birthday, Ilinca

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 Today is Ilinca’s 15th birthday.  I’ve known her since she was 5.  She has been in the US since she was 11.  She is often full of mischief, as you can tell from this picture.  She loves music, has been known to force me to record things with her without first rehearsing (never a good idea when I’m supposed to be making up a harmony).  She always involved in regionals and all-state for chorus.  She loves to be in the eye of the camera (also clear from this picture).

She has passed drivers ed, is in the process of getting her permit.  Drivers beware!  I’m hoping that she will call me before she is driving so I can make sure to be at home, not on the roads.  She is starting high school this year.  My hope for her is that the next four years are as much of an adventure as her past four have been.

Happy birthday Ilinca, we all love you!

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  1. Thank you! hahahaha

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