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A New Song – Thanksgiving Day


A couple of weeks ago I sat with my friend Tom O’Shea.  We’d worked on getting songs into his iPad into a great app call OnSong.  “Have you written any new songs, lately?”  “Well no, but I have some that I don’t think you’ve heard.”  So I sang Winds of Change, Lena, and Ain’t That Far to Heaven.  Before each song I gave him a little detail about each tune, what I’d been thinking, how it started, what I was trying to say.

Tom was adamant, “You need to tell people this when your band is playing.  And you need to do a few tunes just by yourself; your songs are too intimate, get lost when the whole band plays sometimes.”  He’s right.

So this video is full of mistakes.  And how is that unusual when I’m involved?  I edited out one take that was so bad that I just stopped.  This is primarily the second take.  There are at least three major music flubs and uncountable word flubs.  But still, this is how I write, what I do.

There are two improv sections.  And that is the essence of how I write melodies.  I improv until a particular melody jumps out, sticks on the wall.  Then I build from there.  Often I listen as random words start to appear in my improvs.  It is often only then that I know what the song is about.

So here you go, a little Thanksgiving gift for you; mistake laden, but sincere.

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