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Turning 58 and Primes


Today I turn 58!

I’ve loved numbers all my life.  They seem magical to me.  Joan Webster, the mother of my best friend when I was a teenager may recall me working at method to trisect an angle by using the proportions of a 30/60/90 triangle.  It had never been done by anyone before.  But that didn’t convince me that it couldn’t be done.  I failed, in case you’re wondering.

So what is in the number 58.  Add the digits together (the sum of its parts) and you get a prime number: 13.  It is also the product of two primes (2 and 29).  Consequently it isn’t a prime in and of itself.  What’s a prime?  Well, if numbers are magical then primes are the wands that work the magic.  A prime is an integer that can only be divided by one and itself and still produce an integer.  So 29 is a prime number.  If you divide it by 5, for example, you get 5.8; not an integer!

And being Steven, which is never easy, I make the step, trying to create a crazy syllogism between those observations and life.

Am I a prime?  Maybe.  I can certainly not be divided evenly.  The result would be messy and would not produce another person.  By that definition I am a prime.  Am I in my prime.  Nah, that hasn’t felt right since I had my heart attack almost 10 years ago.  But in many ways I am.  So maybe that is all a matter of which lens I choose to look at the world.  “I’ll choose happiness today” is one of the best lines from any of the songs I’ve written.

But then there is this.  I am the product (pun intended) of Beverly Brown and David Crane, my biological parents.  They are clearly people.  Therefore, if you divide me you end up with Beverly and David?  Well not really there either.  You end up with 50% of Beverly and 50% of David.  We are talking straight genetics here.

So I am a prime.  But I like better the lens that adds the 5 and 8 together and produces a prime.  That would make me the sum of my parts, which in this case produces a prime.  And because so many of those parts are hidden, mysterious (nah probably just hidden), I like this definition.

So happy birthday to me and all my strange thoughts.  This journey has been brought to you by…. What?  We couldn’t find any sponsors?  Oh well.

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