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Diets and Hot Cereal


Cata and I are on the Dukan Diet.  It’s similar to the old Atkins diet for those of you old enough to remember that; high protein, low carb.  Did you know that you can truly get tired of eating meats?  I can honestly say that it is effective and that I haven’t been hungry.  And it has really helped my heart health.

Now I find myself making hot oat bran cereal every morning.  Never heard of it?  I’m not surprised.  It’s similar to cream of wheat made with milk instead of water.  What?  You don’t remember that either?  Well cream of wheat is similar to oatmeal only not so coarse.  Ah, you remember oatmeal.

I’m 5 years old, visiting my grandparents during the summer.  My grandfather is eating his daily serving of oatmeal.   As gooey as it is, he still chews each bite 32 times.  I know; I’m counting.   Has he added raisins to it?  That hardly improves.  They soften up and get to be like rabbit turds.  Great Grandpa is sitting on the other side of the table.  That cream of wheat that he’s eating is almost bad as Grandfather’s oatmeal.  At least it isn’t so gooey.  And I’ve never seen him add raisins.  Still, if Grandmother hadn’t been careful making it, there could be lumps in there big enough to choke you.  I’ll never eat that stuff!   Just give me my cheerios, thank you.

I’m 29.  I’m making cream of wheat for my daughters and me.  I make it with milk and, yes, I still have to be very careful to avoid the lumps.  Still, all in all it isn’t half bad

I’m 56, my second daughter, Brandon, called me up just now.   “Dad, did you use milk to make the cream of wheat?  Yes, I did… but be careful to stir and mix it or you’ll end up with god-awful lumps.  Thanks, Dad.”  Either she must have liked it or was choosing to inflict a cereal punishment on some unsuspecting child.

Now I’m 58.  Here I am cooking hot oat bran cereal every morning.  The way I make it is with milk.  It is like a gooey version of Great Grandfather’s cream of wheat.  I never add raisins.  I’m about the age my grandfather was when I sat there watching him eat is oatmeal.   And what is scary is that I actually like eating it every morning!  Go figure!

Oh yeah, there aren’t any lumps!

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