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A Few Videos We Recorded

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So Cata wanted to record a few things for her mom and dad to listen to.  They live in Romania, so this is important.  These are our first recording attempts.   Using just the mandolin and the bass leaves lots of space.  It is very clear.  So you can appreciate the beauty of each instrument.  You can also perceive every mistake.  Ahgggg!   Cata was surprised at how nervous she was.  Me?  I was nervous, but I wasn’t surprised by it.

Boda Waltz

Bonnie at Morn

Captain Henry O’Kain

Far Away

King of the Fairies

Second of May

One Comment

  1. Hey Guys

    Everything I thought it would be from getting a chance to hear the previews to these recordings. I like your description of clean in between the bass and the mandolin. Very delicate and pleasing to the ears. Mistakes? Nobody notices except the two of you. Splendid renditions and I know your friends in the US and Romania will be delighted by these. I certainly hope to hear some more. Thanks for letting me know about these.

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