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2014 – The Year of Recording


Yes, this is the year of recording.  It’s not the Chinese year of recording, nor the Norwegian year.  Nope, this is just our year of recording.  Who is our?  Oh I thought you knew.  Catalina will play bass and sing.  I’ll play guitar, sing leads, sing harmonies, maybe play a bit of mandolin.  We might get Brandon, my daughter to come in and sing some.  And we might even get Shelly to play some hand drums.

What?  No, this will be different than the recording we did with my band, Six Lives Colliding.  Well for the most part that is.  With the band we only kinda multitracked it.  Now this we will all multi-track.  What is multi-track?  We’ll save that discussion for another entry.

So we are practicing.  What?  Why are we practicing?  Look, recording is really different.  You get really nervous.  You want it to be perfect.  But that’s a conundrum in itself; if it’s perfect, it’s probably not very good.  Music isn’t about being perfect.  It’s about performing.

So why are we practicing if we shouldn’t try to be perfect?  Hmmm.  Why did you as that question?  It’s a good one.  Let me think about it.  Ouch that hurt.  I really shouldn’t think so much.  Well we are practicing to get as close to perfect as possible and yet still allow for the music to be performed.

For instance, we are practicing with a metronome.  Yeah, the thing that goes click, click, click.  So now we know how many Beats Per Minute each of the songs will be going at.  Beats per minute is sort of like the speed limit, except in this case you don’t want to go any faster or any slower.  It’s really hard at first.  Try driving your car at exactly the same speed.  What?  Hills change your speed.  Well there are hills and valleys in music too.  You only find them when you play with a metronome.  And they DO try to change the speed of the music.

Tonight was our first rehearsal in about two weeks.  First I was fighting a cold.  Then I got tired of fighting it.  So I gave it to Cata and she has been fighting it.  For some reason she didn’t like this gift.  She is finally winning the battle.  We practiced the four songs that we will have ready to record next Saturday.  It was miserable.  Our tempos were off.  We each knew where the other was having trouble….. so all in all, it was a pretty good rehearsal.  We’ll be ready in a few days.  This type of woodshedding was exactly what we needed.

I’ll keep a blog about all this recording as it progresses.  Maybe I’ll even put up some of the interim results as we go.  It won’t all be done at once.  Catch you later.


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