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This is the week of Thanksgiving of 2014! I feel great. Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for a long time. All that food. And pies, don’t forget the pies! But what is most interesting is that it has been a week of giving. I didn’t even realize it until today, the day before Thanksgiving.

A while ago, I’d offered a page to my friend Earl where he could post his recordings. Earl has such a good voice. And his finger-style guitar work couldn’t compliment it more. So Earl took me up on it. He got me a song. I created a page for him and a category for him. Then I added the song with a blurb he got to me. He was so pleased, which really pleased me. That inspired him. He recorded and got another song to me, which I added today. So he has two songs up there at Intended Consequences.

On Monday I went to a jam in Winston-Salem. Joseph, a coworker went too. His daughter wants to learn bass. She already plays flute and piano. I told him that I could teach her, that I’d taught my wife bass. He asked how much. “Free”. “What?!”, he seemed stunned. I have a job, don’t need lesson money. I’d prefer to help others enjoy music more. So we’ll probably set something up for his daughter

On February 8, 2011, I wrote the song Ain’t Always Easy on my Soul. It was recorded by Six Lives Required on our Seatbelts Required CD. One of the lines is “When I give, I get more”. Wow is that true! I’m enjoying this Thanksgiving more than I should. And this time, it’s because I gave. I didn’t give to get a good feeling, but what a great side-effect. Try it! You’ll like it!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

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