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I’m in bed reading a book. This is a life long habit since I was six, first learned to read. Maybe I should check my Facebook. I did see that MaryLu left a comment. Let’s see, I open it up, go to the notifications and she says, ” I’m listening to Steven’s Go tell it on the Mountains on NPR right now! What a treat!”

What!!? Oh my god! I find out that they played Cata’s and my arrangement that we’d recorded for our new CD. A little over a week ago I sent the Winston Salem station three of the songs from our CD and included a blurb about Brandon’s participation, where we were all from, and that it was recorded locally. Then I forgot about it; I didn’t hear back and what are the chances they would use any of them. Um ZERO.

I tell a few of my friends on Facebook using the messenger. Let me see, Matthew would be interested. He was in my band. Matthew responds. “When and where?” A few moments later he has a link for me. I can download the show and listen. Wow!

I wallpaper the Facebook world with the link. I have to say that this is an unbelievable moment for me; NPR! Wow! It took me quite a while to calm down that night. Here is the link to the recording.

Triad Arts Holiday Celebration

And I still say WOW!!!

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