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Got No Coffee


 Got No Coffe – December 28, 2014

This may be the first true blues song I’ve written.  Blues, filled with double entendres.

What is often surprising is how songs start.  McCartney’s Yesterday started at the breakfast table “Scrambled eggs, all I really need is scrambled eggs”.  Granted, not as romantic as the words he ended up with.

Catalina had to go for some tests.  No drinking coffee with sugar or creamer.  She was bemoaning this in the morning while I was playing guitar.  Out it came, “Got no coffee, got no cream, got no sugar, life sure is mean”  She pointed out that she could have coffee, just not the sugar or the cream.  Blues is all about need.  So it got switched around in the meaning behind the words.  But there’s the source.

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