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Eva Cassidy, What is it about Her?


Eva kept coming up on the Pandora stations that I set up.  At first I thought, “Okay another female cover singer”.  But then I found her tunes running through my head.  Hmmm there must be something there or this wouldn’t be in my head.  Yes, I know, that can happen with crappy songs too.  I had to start actively listening.

So it is obvious that she has a tremendous range.  And she can certainly belt.  And she does a range of styles, though I like her folky sounds best.  And, even though they are covers, they are original arrangements.  And there is intensity, no note lives at a static level.  And she brings it consistently, to every song.

Now, you can get buy well with only a couple of those skills/talents.  But Eva Cassidy had all of them.  So that is probably why she has such appeal.  Cata likes the gospel tune How Can I Keep from Singing,  with a full black choir behind her.  Cata, Ilinca, and I like Fever with a note that sounds so very high, but really isn’t.  I like the subtlety of Fields of Gold.

More than two months ago I sent Cata a link to an Eva Cassidy youtube.  I was relatively sure that she wouldn’t like it.  She listened.  For the next month and a half she played Eva Cassidy tunes nearly continuously.

I still don’t know what it is about her, but I do know that whatever “IT” is, she has it.

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