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She Dances with the Moon


She Dances with the Moon – February 5, 2014


Writing this song has been a real experience. Most of the time we write about ourselves, whether we want to or not. But this song came from the memory of a Maxfield Parrish poster that a friend of mine had. The memory is greatly edited as I can’t find what I recall anywhere.  This image is only mildly similar to what I remember, but will suffice.

Writing the lyric required delving into the world of the dyad in the poster. So many questions. Is she a fairy or is she a god? When does her world exist? Who’s in her world? There are three verses. All those questions are answered. The lyrics are included for your enjoyment.

She Dances with the Moon
Steven Burns – February 5, 2015

Amidst a wash of stars
She dances with the moon
Each twist, each turn
To sounds unheard
Guide her in all that’s true

Her life wanders
A moon-lit path between the trees
None can follow
Her way

Behind a misted vail,
She speaks a silent song
Her steps vanish before they fall
Lost to the morning sun


On wings that can’t be seen
She floats into the air
Smiles at the world made of her dreams
Dreams filled with not a care


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