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Cleaning that One Disgusting Place in the Kitchen

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Okay, our house is very clean. Catalina is a demon about that. I will clean something spotless, only to have Catalina tsk at me about how dirty things are. “Don’t you look?” It can be frustrating living with a cleaning demon.

But there is one particular place in our house that gets cleaned very rarely, is really dirty, and is used very regularly. What do you guess it is? You got it: the microwave. I mean, that thing is a pit. My bet is that yours is similar. Let’s see: flecks of spaghetti sauce (wait that might be splatters of warmed up Mexican), some extremely crispy rice (no not rice krispies), and what’s that brown stuff over in the corner. But if you try to clean it nothing happens except for disintegrating the sponge you are using. Let’s try steel wool. Hmmm… all the disgusting flecks remain but the steel wool is destroyed. Hopeless! So it goes months without being cleaned.

And this is the way that it’s been all my adult life, until today. Today I cleaned it in about 5 minutes with minimal effort, back to looking like new. How? I steam cleaned it. So I poured two cups of water into an open plastic Ziploc container. Then I zapped it in the microwave in thirty-second bursts so that the water boiled each time, maybe 4 or 5 boils. Then it just sat there for about 5 minutes. Took a sponge and wiped it down. Piece of pie, easy as cake…. No, I didn’t heat those in the microwave.

How can it have taken me more than 30 years to think of this? Duh!

One Comment

  1. Interesting solution to the problem. I like it.
    I try to avoid splatters by covering everything I nuke with a dry or wet paper towel, depending upon whether the nuking will tend to dry out the food. It is effective, and limits cleaning a lot.

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